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ABC Coach Works Ltd. is the sole distributor of Yutong buses in Mauritius. Yutong is the world’s major bus and coach supplier and is trusted by customers with its products and services which can meet the customer’s needs.

Yutong buses can be seen on the road and are always appealing in terms of design, appearance, comfort, and efficiency. The first semi low floor bus was launched in 2013 and these buses are now an integral part of the Mauritian landscape. With Yutong, ABC Coach Works Ltd has chosen quality at all levels. Between innovation and modernity, the buses present considerable advantages, making each journey a pleasure. Thanks to proven manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art technologies, Yutong buses combine safety, reliability, comfort, accessibility, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. For the bus operator, Yutong efficiency is a pledge of trust, while for the passenger, the journeys are more pleasant.

Stylish exterior, cozy and spacious interior… Yutong semi low floor buses are designed to make travel easier. They are equipped with two double pneumatic side doors, making boarding and alighting more fluid. Passengers can also enjoy ergonomic seats and panoramic view through the windows, while buses are equipped with Wi-Fi connection, surveillance cameras, reverse camera with monitor, LCD screen, audio system and mobile charger outlets above all.  And while comfort is embedded in the Yutong DNA, safety is also one of the brand’s key priorities. Everything is designed according to international standards. 

Yutong is also making all-out efforts to develop new energy buses and uphold the green mobility. New energy buses shall reduce carbon emissions considerably and greatly improve the atmospheric environment with significant social and environmental benefits.

ABC Coach Works Ltd. and Yutong will always strive to be a major contributing partner in the Mauritian bus industry family.

Models available on the our market:

  • ZK6118HGA Semi Low Floor Bus [50-Seater]
  • ZK6729D [27-Seater]
  • ZK6858H9 [33-Seater]
  • ZK6128H [48-Seater]
  • Hybrid Bus
  • Electric Bus
  • Airfield Bus
  • Special Vehicle [Medical Caravan]

Model ZK6729D

Model ZK6858H9

Model ZK6128H